GDPR compliance


We take data protection seriously and are fully GDPR compliant. Your data will be stored on a secure, cloud hosted database so you can rest assured it’s in a safe place.  We’ll need to store things like your CV and contact details etc. as these help us understand your skills and to get in touch and let you know about suitable opportunities. It is a legal requirement for us to check your eligibility to work in the UK so we may ask to see a copy of your Passport or Visa, but once seen it will be deleted. You are free to access your data at anytime and if you’d like it removed, then let us know and we’ll do that right away.

We will never pass on your data to a 3rd party without your permission.



We will always give you a detailed explanation of the role, the company and the package on offer. If you’re interested in applying for the position, we’ll ask for your written permission for representation for that specific position and client. That way, you have a record of where your CV has been sent and all the job details.

We will never send your CV without your permission.



We will do our best to provide you with useful feedback throughout the recruitment process as we believe this will improve your chances of progression. If you are not selected to progress, then we will seek constructive feedback so you stand a better chance in your next interview. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for us to provide feedback but we always try to inform clients of the importance of feedback before we begin the recruitment process, to give us the best chance of receiving it.