Term And Conditions


We are happy for you to review our full T&C’s for either Permanent or Contract recruitment. Just ask and we’ll send them over. If you have any queries on them once reviewed, we are happy to discuss and will do what we can to be flexible. If you have your own T&C’s, we are also happy to review them too so everything can be agreed before we start the search.


It is our policy to be transparent on fees. We will agree a fee with you upfront so you are happy with the costs involved before we get started.


Once we’ve successfully made a permanent placement with you, we will issue an invoice on the day your new employee starts and the fee will be due in accordance with the agreed payment terms.


When you engage us to find you a contractor, credit checks will be completed quickly before we begin, as we pay contract workers before we collect invoices from you.

The contractor will be asked to submit electronic timesheets on a weekly basis which will be sent to your approver for electronic signature. The contractor will only be paid upon receipt of the approved timesheets which puts you in complete control of the finances. If there is ever any query on a timesheet, then we will always be on hand to rectify any issues on your behalf.

If you have your own timesheets’ process that you would prefer to use, we are happy to do so too. Timesheet reports can be submitted by you; or contract workers can submit approved screen shots which will be paid according to the agreed payment calendar.


Our standard payment terms are 30 days from invoice.


Our success rate is high but in the unlikely event of a hire not working out, we will always offer to find you a replacement candidate at no extra charge, as we feel this is the best way of reducing the impact on your projects. Alternatively, we will have a rebate period agreed with you so that in the unlikely event that we can’t find a suitable replacement, you can claim some of the fee back. Please see an example below:​


Weeks 1-4 of Employment =100% refund

Weeks 5-8 of Employment =50% refund

Weeks 9-12 of Employment =25% refund

Weeks 12+ of Employment =0% refund


Notice periods for contract workers are agreed before the assignment commences. However, in the event of early completion of the assignment, or unsatisfactory performance, you have an option to terminate the contract – we will endeavour to ensure that this is a smooth process.